.htaccess Files Do you support .htaccess? Yes we do. Several of the features in Cpanel can also be set by editing... Accessing Cpanel and Webmail From Behind a Firewall I can't login to cpanel or webmail from work or when I'm traveling. They run a firewall and block... CHMOD What does CHMOD or "Change Permisisons" mean? It means to set a certain permission on the file or... Certificate errors in Browser Sometimes, there are errors with Certificates for the servers. You may experience something like... Change Domain Name I no longer want my old domain but want to keep the space and use if for something else. How can... Domain (Registrar) Transfer Can I transfer my existing domain to SGB Web Design? We do not require you to transfer your... Forbidden Error Message Why Am I Getting an Error Message Stating 'Forbidden - You don't have permission to access /admin... Need Dedicated IP How do I know if I need a dedicated IP? A dedicated IP is needed for some cases. Setting up... PHP How do I use PHP? To use PHP, make a file and give it a ".php" file extension such as myfile.php.... Preventing Data Loss Should I keep a local copy of my website in case of trouble? Absolutely! It is very easy to spend... Refresh Browser Clear the cache memory of your browser: Windows: Ctrl+ F5 Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Command + R... Setting Timezone with .htaccess How do I offset the Timezone for my location, instead of the server timezone? This is quite easy... Silverlight application deployment Deployment of a Silverlight application is rather easy. First of all, upload application folder... Technical Contact What should I set my technical contact to with my registrar if my site is hosted at SGB Web... Whois Information Can I have my contact information removed from Whois or privatized? Your valid contact...
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