Are your servers Linux or Windows NT? All  servers run on CentOS Linux, which is identical to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Servers... Bandwidth policies and prices Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred to and from your account in one month.... Can I host friends? No, your friends will have to purchase a seperate account. Your friends may need direct access... Can I see some of the websites you host? Sites that I have designed and currently host can be found on my portfolio or home page.... Change Domain Name I no longer want my old domain but want to keep the space and use if for something else. How can... Custom Installations Can I install the programs myself? As long as you can upload the install files to your site and... Domain (Registrar) Transfer Can I transfer my existing domain to SGB Web Design? We do not require you to transfer your... How do I renew my hosting? Your hosting plan will automatically renew every billing cycle (normally month-to-month). All you... How long does it take to setup my account? For security purposes, all new purchases with are screened for fraudulent... How many websites can I build? You may have one website per account. How much traffic can I have? There is no way to determine the maximum number of visitors your site can sustain. Each site is... IP address - static vs dynamic, public vs private An IP address is the location of a computer on the internet. Example: Here are... Is there any contract for hosting? There are no contracts to keep you at SGB Web Design. You may pay bi-annually or annually and... Legal and Acceptable Content Acceptable content for websites. Does HostGator allow my site? For more information, we... Need Dedicated IP How do I know if I need a dedicated IP? A dedicated IP is needed for some cases. Setting up... RAID RAID is an acronym first defined in 1987 to describe a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, a... Tell me about Apache. Apache is the program on our servers used to view web pages. What are the maximum number of... What control panel do you use and do you have a demo? The control panel we use is called cPanel. A demo of cPanel can be found here. Username: demo... What file system do you use on Linux? Linux supports many different file systems, but common choices for the system disk include the... What is Server Load? Load expresses how many processes are waiting in the queue to access the computer processor. Of... What software and program versions does SGBWD Hosting offer? Blog Software WordPress LifeType¹ b2evolution²     CMS (Content Management Software)... What version of PHP are you using? We are running PHP 5 installed on all of our shared servers. You may view PHP info here. Whois Information Can I have my contact information removed from Whois or privatized? Your valid contact... Will you place ads on my site? SGB Web Design offers design services at a reduced rate in exchange for a small area of branding... inode usage limits An inode is a data structure used to keep information about a file on your hosting account. The...
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